Curriculum Development


education is the gateway to the future...

Mindful Routes offers curriculum development and design services for organizations that are looking to reach their goals, increase their clientele, and are ready for a revamp and improvement in their educational offerings.

Paul has a degree in Curriculum Design and has designed lessons and complete programs for outdoor education programs, classroom educators, low-ropes and team challenge courses, as well as rock climbing programming development in climbing gyms and other organizations.

How can mindful routes curriculum design help you?

We design lessons, manuals and complete programs for schools, educators, outdoor-education programs, ropes courses and climbing courses and schools. If you are involved in any of these we can help you reach your goals through a process of designing curriculum for you to utilize in your programming.

We take an approach of Backward Design. This means we ask "what is important?" and start with the outcome goals of your courses and work backwards from there to reach those goals properly and make sure they are attainable.

If you are looking to improve your program, revamp with new ideas, appeal to a larger audience consider consulting with us to see if we can design something that fits with your educational goals.

curriculum consulting:

Considering Mindful Routes for your program development is a great first step. We offer our time and resources as a consultant to your program improvement as best we can. We can help you find out what you may be missing or need more in your program, based on the goals and vision of your own program.

Our consulting, whether it be writing curriculum and manuals for your company, or onsite consulting with the actual programming and facilitation we strive to meet your goals in a way that suits you.

Contact us today for a free needs assessment of your program.