Mindful Routes is dedicated to helping climbers become the best climber they can be. Our creative services offer curriculum that many climbing teams, professional climbers, recreational climbers, youth and adult groups have found helpful in giving them an edge in their development as a climber.

Find out what you'll be learning in the workshops here:

Are you a gym owner, manager, or climbing team coach? See our workshop services specific to climbing teams under #4!


1. Private Workshops:

Our Private Workshops allow us to individualize your climbing progression through exploring and discussing a lot of specific mental training strategies unique to what you need. We'll explore the foundations of mental training curriculum; specifically learning 4 breathing techniques that will alter your performance as needed, versatile and detailed visualization and how it works neurologically, and we will explore your personal self-talk and find key phrases and thoughts that are hindering your performance and work to reframe those into actionable self-talk that puts here in this moment to deal with the situation at hand.

On top of all of this a private workshop enables us to work with you and for you. Whatever you may need in terms of assessment and other tools to help your climbing progression will be provided.

Time Frame: Monday through Sunday, flexible timing 9am­-12pm, 12pm­-3pm. We are open for private workshops currently.

Location: You Choose!

Price: $125 per participant.

2. Private Group Workshops:

 Do you like to learn with friends? So do we! We offer a private group workshop for a group of friends, three or more, to learn together at a location of your choosing. This option is perfect if you have a strong climbing partnership with others and want to grow not only your individual awareness, but also your team's awareness of one another. Through learning together in this workshop, you can take your team to further and harder summits.

Location: USA + Mexico

Time Frame: Flexible Time, Monday through ­Sunday

Price: $75 per participant at a minimum group size of 3 people.

3. Open Enrollment Workshops:

Are you a climbing gym owner or employee? We partner with climbing gyms to offer open enrollment workshops hosted in your gym where anyone can sign up through you.

This workshop opens great opportunities for us and your gym to grow and introduce mental training to climbers. We partner with gyms all across the country for this.

Price: Varies with location.

Paul Roberts teaching to Granite Arch Climbing Centers Team.

Paul Roberts teaching to Granite Arch Climbing Centers Team.

4. Climbing Team/Club Workshops:

Beta Bouldering Team during a workshop at Black Mountain, CA.

Beta Bouldering Team during a workshop at Black Mountain, CA.


Do you coach a climbing team? Own a climbing gym?

 We partner with climbing teams across the nation in order to teach a private team workshop, adapted to meet your needs, at your home gym or an outdoor location.

This workshop option gives your team an edge in competition climbing with mental training.

We work with climbing teams, climbing clubs, and climbing courses for colleges & high schools.

Check out the syllabi today to learn more about the different workshop options.

Price: Vary with location and team size; estimated $500-1,000 for one or two workshops plus travel cost's.