Hear what other people have to say about our workshop:

"Too often climbers are taught only strength and technique.  Applying arguably the most important piece of the puzzle; mental training can elevate any climber to the next level.  Every member of our youth team practiced harder, redpointed faster, broke through plateaus and felt better about every aspect of climbing after attending Paul’s two-day workshop. Our members learned life lessons that they implement in climbing, and in everyday life.  I recommend Mindful Routes to both competitive youth teams and any climber that wants to step up their game in a meaningful way."

-Kip Ashton, USA Climbing Regional Coordinator & Team Manager of Rock City Climbing Team.


"Paul delivers the pertinent information in mental training for rock climbing with grace and confidence. If you are looking to increase your mental game in rock climbing Paul can guide you through many techniques learned from the best."

-Amylee Thornhill, Former Head Coach of Beta Bouldering Team.


"Paul Roberts delivers an amazing workshop which can dramatically improve your climbing whether you are a first timer or one of the world's strongest. Paul has worked with our climbing camp for the past four years teaching young boulderer's from around the country how to find the essential link between mind and body. Paul has studied this deep link which resides at the heart of the activity, the space which allows a climber to excel far beyond their simple physical boundaries to attain fluency and maximum efficiency in their climbing. Her has studied with the best in the field, and through his years of individual research and teaching experience has developed concise lessons which distill the elements of the mind body connection in climbers into fun simple activities. This allows even novice climbers to experience states of being on the rock which usually take years to develop. His hands on approach to these lessons makes for a workshop unlike any I have ever seen in the climbing world. Paul's workshop is a must for any competitive climbing team wishing to improve their performance, as well as any climber fortunate enough to learn from him."                    

-Andy Puhvel, CEO of Yo! Basecamp, long time climber. 


"Paul is at the forefront of mindfulness and the mental aspects of climbing. A small fraction of the sport is physical; incorporate the techniques pioneered here to take your climbing to the next level. Thanks for the wisdom and psyche!"

- Sander DiAngelis, CEO of Moja Gear.


"My private 1-1 Mindful Routes workshop with Paul was amazing. Logistics: I contacted out of the blue and told him I had limited time (1 day in Prescott) and was he available. He made time, personalized the experience to fit my needs, and personalized the cost. I already had the strength, but I didn't have the head. This lead climbing workshop wasn't a fall-fest. It tackled the mindful parts of leading and it's greatly improved my climbing. Three days later, I red-pointed my first 11a. That was due largely to the breathing, visualizing, centering, self-talk, and risk assessment techniques I learned and practiced with Paul! I've been committing to routes since, taking falls and, best of all, breathing."

- Lora Rivera, Private workshop client. 



Climbing Teams we have worked with:

  1. Beta Bouldering Team: Flagstaff, Arizona.
  2. Flagstaff Climbing Team: Flagstaff, Arizona.
  3. Granite Arch Climbing Team: Sacramento, California.
  4. Rock City Climbing Center Team: Anaheim, California.
  5. Pacific Edge Youth Team: Santa Cruz, California.
  6. Yo! Basecamp Youth Climbing Camp: High Sierras, California.
  7. Prescott College Rock Courses, Arizona.
  8. Rock Phenoms + Phoenix Rock Gym, Phoenix Arizona.