professional development workshops


Take your business to the next productive level...

Mindful Routes offers workshops specifically tailored to small business and corporate companies who want the best for their staff. Our workshops provide participants the skills to become more productive in their work, release and manage stress in healthier ways and regain control over their attention in order to gain greater achievements in their work and personal lives.

What do the workshops look like?

We take the participants in this workshop rock climbing (indoor or outdoor) to teach the strategies and skills for productive mindsets.

This workshop is a 3-4 hour experiential workshop that brings people from levels of work that demand high attention and result in high stress. In this workshop we use rock climbing as a physical and mental metaphor of challenges that may be presented in the clients lives. Through detailed instruction we teach clients productive and healthy ways to reduce stress and to think productively in stressful situations.

Utilizing the challenge of climbing a rock wall we offer client’s top level techniques in mental training, stress reduction, visualization in order to overcome that challenge and work through it. The clients leave our workshop with tips and tools that will enhance their performance at work and in life, as well as tips and techniques to utilize to manage stress in a healthy way. 

who is this for?

Small businesses looking for a fun and engaging way to learn how to better themselves at work.

Educators who want to focus on teaching better and bring in new ideas to the classroom.

Anyone looking for Professional Development.

speaking engagements

Paul Roberts, the founder of Mindful Routes is available for speaking engagements. Paul speaks to employees, businesses, schools, etc about:

  • the lessons learned in a life of rock climbing.

  • how to utilize more productive mindsets to get what you want out of life.

  • self-talk and how it effects your wellbeing.

  • Motivational Speaking Engagements as well.